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The word UNITHOSOPHY is one that came to me one Sunday as I was struggling to find a word that would adequately describe a world of United, Theocratically-sound, Practical Philosophy. A world where all religious people would come to see what is the essential teaching of their own religion, and see that we are, despite appearances, instructed essentially to do the same in respect of our duty and as a result of our love towards our teacher, whether he be the Prophet Muhammed, Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, the Lord Krishna, Zoroaster, Lao Tzu or any of the many wonderful gurus such as Guru Nanak and the many other spiritual teachers that have blessed humanity with their presence.
All religions contain plentiful injunctions to help those in need; to remember God in whatever we do; to thank God for what we receive. All religions are supposed to lead to Peace, and the words Salaam, Shalom and Shanti are oft-used in their respective religions.
I speak so easily about the commonality of the essential teachings of all religions, but we are living in a world where there are even divisions between sects of the same religion; in Christianity there remains some conflict between Catholics and Protestants; in Islam conflict between Sunni and Shia, and so on. Even within one sect there are divisions. The world is now crying out for understanding between peoples, and who else is best suited to pick up the problem than those who truly love people and the planet; who will give of themselves in an attempt to help divert - nay, stop - the course towards disaster, as did that wonderful exemplar, Mahatma Gandhi.
The Signs of Forthcoming Peril

"The brain was a perfect physical instrument. It served the consciousness of man and woman and the will of the earth. Nothing suffered from its activities. Today the instrument has taken over. The servant has usurped the master's role." - Barry Long.
We may believe that the major problem we face is between nations. Where there has been world conflict before, that has been the way of describing the situation. But is it just that?
There are not only as many wars going on, probably, as there ever have been, but we have been facing severe climate and environmental issues for a long time now, and we are now at crisis point with regard to those - as much at crisis with the environment as the problem between "West" and "East". Further, our current lifestyle has brought on a generation of heart problem sufferers, and the older generation, which in many countries will not long hence be greater in numbers than the younger generations, are easily pushed out of their jobs and their valuable experience lost.
So, I propose that the problem (as, really, it always has been) is about ourselves; not 'him' or 'her' or 'them', but it lies with me, and you, and all of us. We need to take responsibility for ourselves to provide a sustainable future for our offspring - and the world and all its creatures.
The Solutions
Democracies - and autocracies - have shown little ability to properly deal with the issues outlined above. We cannot (and we know this from long experience) put our lives in the hands of our governmental representatives and expect the kind of solutions that need to transpire. The real answer is in the hands of each of us - in how we relate to other people (of all kinds), and how we relate to the planet. Kindness - indeed, love - is absolutely necessary in all our transactions before we might see any real and truly lasting improvement in world affairs.
So, what is needed? Any answer - as stated before - is with ourselves. To start with, we each, and as families, need to reduce our expectations. Once we see that the drive for an ever-improving lifestyle is worthless, then the answer starts to become self-apparent. We start to compete less and consume less, in goods and food. And more.
Action to be Taken
There are many individual projects and spiritual groups carrying out their solutions right now. We need to take an active interest in them and join in as soon as possible, taking care that we are choosing change to help ourselves and in the process help the world. Whatever we do has an impact on our families, friends and neighbours, and thus in the larger community, the country and thence the world. But whatever choice for change we make, we should try to make it a sustainable change - and a change for peace.
The 'Unity in Diversity' series (to see, click here) may help your choice in certain respects, but there is scope to include much more information. Hopefully, that will be achieved in due course. On this and related topics, please click here to go to my blog or mail me with your comments.
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