Extracted by John Lerwill (page created 2000AC), with subsequent feedback from Devon researchers.
The following is an extracted list of Huguenot names from "The Huguenots of Devonshire" by Inkerman Rogers (late of Bideford), which may be of interest. Please note that the names listed are NOT only connected with Huguenots, but indicates Huguenot immigrants who had these family names and for whom entries can be found in the Barnstaple registers, which start from 1538. There will be other entries in the Bideford and Torrington registers, for example, plus Plymouth and Exeter.
(Angle, l'Angle), Arno, Bailer, Barret, Basse, (Bean, Beane, Behn), Benu, (Benoke, Benoake), Benenome, Berry, (Byss, Biss, Bisse, Bysce), Boyse, (Boucher, Bowcher, Bouchier), Brasier, (Breton, Britton), Brusy, (Bursacott, Boursaquotte, Buzzacott), Burgess, Busse, D'Cane, (Carre, Carrow), Caillion, Coutre, (Coute, Contee), Chirurgeon, Clemath, Croll, Crosse, Cotte, de Courdeaux, (Delatour, De La Toure), Frare, (Fountaine, Fountin), Fewings, Fraine, (Gillard, Gallard), (Gloyne, Gloin), Glas, (Grono, Greno), Gorion, Giltens, Galliott, (Groot, Gruite), (Gebeth, Gibbet), Haltree, Hamet, Hagon, Holle, Hoyle, Jesupe, Joll, (Laplu, Lapru), Loiseau, Lurat, (Lysseth, Lyssot), Marine, (Mare, Mair), Meane, Masson, (Milet, Mylot), (Millard, Millerd), Monier, Mounier, (Merriott, Marriott), Misho, (Mohl, Moule), Petter, (Pitten, Pitton), Pittard, Poyntz, Revell, Roche, (Saroll, Sarells), (Saft, Sally), Saribol, Servante, (Shauno, Shinoe, Shino), Spiller, (Rosse, Rosser), Rost, Raymond, (Rau, Roue, Rue, Rew), Sarie, (Scious, Syance, Sayance), Surus, (Tappy, Tappay), Venet, Vicholetts, (Vial, Vile), Vion, Vooz, Winnet.
However, please note:
The following is a list of other highly probable Devon Huguenot names from various correspondents who have
(since the year 2000, to date) communicated with me on this subject.
Further contributions would be VERY gratefully received. Please
mail me
Surname Original Origin Devon Location Source of Data
BULTEEL Bulteel Flanders Barnstaple Vivien Allen
BUZZACOTT Bursacott etc. France Uncertain, but see Buzzacott Farm near Combe Martin Dave & Eleanor Buzzacott
CLODE Claude France Upottery Daphne Manning
DROWER Drower/Druer/Derouer France/Belgium/Holland Colyton (Weavers) Bryan Endicott Morgan
DYMOND Dimont/Dumont France Little Torrington John Lerwill
FRAYNE Fresne Not far from Beaune, Burgundy, France North Molton D. Frayne
GULLETT Plympton and Shaugh Prior Christopher Rigg
HOPPER L'Hopper France Oakford Dudley Nott
LABBATT Labbatt/Labbett/Labbet ?France Morchard Bishop/Tiverton Stuart Wright
LAMASON prob. Le Macon = Mason/builder ?France Exeter from 1690 Audrey Ansell
LANDRY/LANDREAU France(?) Devon/Cornwall/London Bev Edmonds
LARAMY La Ramee France Arlington/Marwood Eric & Sue Perryman
LARDEAU Lardeau France Plymouth (initially) Gillian Andrews
MINGO   Lyon, France Plymouth & East Stonehouse. Bev Alexander-Fisher
NECK Le Neck? France Moretonhampstead . Ann Hodgson
RANNEY ?de Regnier ?France Topsham Stephen Ranney
RECORDS Record[e] South of France Colyton/Honiton Ian Records
TOUZEAU Touzeau Plymouth Lyn Faughey
TRAMMELL ?Tramhell France General Les Buckalew
TRICKEY/TRICK ?Tricquet/Tricault/ ?France Budleigh Salterton/Honiton Roger Quick
YOUD[E] Youd[e] Halberton, Uplowman Mary Tucker

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