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More than 1500 Devon-born Men that served in the Napoleonic Wars (an index)
- from 1803 to 1816. Extracted from National Archives references WO97 and WO121: Chelsea Pensioner entries.
PLEASE NOTE: that the detail in this table is 'as found'. As well as some colourful spellings, experience has shown that some of the placenames are not correct. Some entries may not be related to Devonshire at all: which county a person was born in was sometimes recorded according to the administrator's whim.
Please note also that there may be found more than one entry for the same person, in different years.
For more detail about any of the individuals listed, please go to the National Archives site and search on "WO" plus the reference number shown.
This table does not include those who died in battle and lists only those who claimed their pension, of course. But it should probably be assumed that those that did survive their period of enlistment did claim.
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First Name Surname Birth Place Year Enlisted Year Disch'ged Age at Discharge Est.Birth Year 'WO' Reference Regimental Units

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