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Aston Villa books
by John Lerwill,
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at Aston Villa.
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What Readers Have Said
(For which I am very grateful)

Tony said: I really enjoyed reading the Book ... Thanks again for such great writing.
Michael said: I [also] have your 3 previous Villa books ([The] Chronicles, Superclub and McGregor ) and thoroughly enjoyed them all.
Norman said:
... yet another impressive work of yours ... A most handy little primer...
Gary said: ...haven't seen a lot of those facts and figures in any other Villa book, outstanding. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Darren said: I should have ordered two books, as mine is looking worse for wear from being thumbed through.

Who or What is Aston Villa?	5

The First Superclub	5
Important Milestones	7
Other Highlights	7

A Brief History	9

The Origin of the Club	9
George Ramsay	10
Further Great Scottish Influences	11
Villa’s Early Development	13
Into the League	14
Fred Rinder and 1893 to 1900	14
1900 to 1909 – Experimentation	17
1909 to 1915 – A Renaissance	18
1919 to 1934 – Changing Times	19
1934 to 1968 – Relying on Past Glories	22
1969 to 1982 – The Rise of the Phoenix	26
1982 to 2006 – The Main Doug Ellis Era	29
2006 to 2014 – An American in Brum	32

Players’ Records	34

Most Impressive Servants Over The Years	34
Highest Goalscorers By Season	39
Leading Goalscorers	44
Most Hat-tricks	45
More Than a Hat-Trick	46
Record Signings by Aston Villa since 1945	47
Club Captains	48
Other Player Records	49

Club Records	57

Major Club Honours	57
Other Significant Domestic Honours	58
Villa’s Pre-League Summary Record	58
League Summary Record, 1888 to date	59
Selected League Head-to-Head Summaries	62
Summary of Villa's League History	63
Highest Competitive Scores	64
Winning/Losing Sequences	65
Cup Competitions Success Analysis	66
Major Cup Finals and Losing Semi-Finals	66
Cup Final Venues	67
The Club’s Management	68
Villa’s First Permanent Ground	78
Villa Park Details	79
Ground-Breaking Teams	83
Containing all the main Aston Villa Records, 1874-2014
The year 2014 celebrates the 140th anniversary of the club. Here's a chance to catch up with all the most important history and records covering the entire period and contained in a jacket pocket-size (A5) glossy softback book of 86 pages.

The book contains a number of images of legendary players and teams.

Sorry, I have sold out.