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“ excellent book by John Lerwill” - “a remarkable tome which gives a thorough account of the club’s entire history” - “all areas are covered from great games and great players to the great stories that happened and those that didn’t happen” - “The book is not, however, simply an exercise in flag-waving. The thin times are also well-documented" - "most fascinating.” - “...this definitive book...”
Brian Halford, The Birmingham Mail book review (link to full article).
"Overall the book is a fantastic read, massively in-depth, and well researched and a great addition to a library of any Aston Villa fan ... any reader who is keen to understand the history of a club that is filled with past glories will find the book a thoroughly interesting and well written piece, with a depth and richness that can only be created by a man who clearly loves the club as much as you or I."
Matt Turvey, 'Aston Villa Life' Blog book review (link).
"Meticulously researched ..." The Villa News, Aug 28,2012     "A superb 510-page book..." Football Trader, May, 2013
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What Readers Have Said
(For which I am very grateful)
"I was delighted to get a copy of John Lerwill's latest book recently, entitled Aston Villa: The First Superclub. It is a cornucopia of information and the sort of thought-provoking facts which tend to send me on journeys of speculative wondering. ..." (Steve Wade, writer of 'Something for the Weekend' on Vital Villa)
"I am overwhelmed by the information, research and blood sweat and tears which must have gone into this 500 page Aston Villa history book. It is an amazing achievement." (Jenny)
"... the book was a pleasure to read ... I thought that after reading masses of books about Aston Villa that I had it all covered until I read The First Superclub: some of the personalities mentioned I hadn't even heard of ..." (Gary, a 60 years' fan)
"Worth 20 smackers of anyone's money believe me. One of the heaviest books I have, full of information, really a work of love and a must have for any Villa fanatic!" (UK fan #1)
"Congratulations on writing a superb book. I ... have been enthralled reading it. ...I have a copy of Peter Morris"s 1960 book which started my collection of Villa books. Your book is the best so far produced." (UK fan #2)
"I appreciate the large number of facts and the absence of waffle. Great book. I'll have no hesitation in recommending it to other Villa fans..." (UK fan #3)
"So much history and information. I'm sure I will be dipping into it for years to come." (UK fan #4)
"The research, presentation and dedication you have achieved is mind blowing." (UK fan #5)
"It's beautiful and I just love the format." (Canadian fan)
"What a marvellous book is that! You've done a terrific job...!" (Italian fan)

Apart from one copy already submitted to the British Libray (a legal obligation), further copies have been supplied at their request to the Legal Deposit Libraries, these being the Bodleian Library Oxford University, The Cambridge University Library, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales and Trinity College Dublin.
Further, John Lerwill has distributed copies of this book to five secondary schools in the Aston area, including King Edward's, Aston, to ensure that information about the club's heritage is available to all younger generations in Aston and surrounds.

Featured in the
May, 2013 edition.


The Story of Aston Villa, 1874-2012
The year 2012 celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of Aston Villa’s well-fought and deserved win over Bayern Munich in the European Cup final at Rotterdam. But Aston Villa had not only then joined the elite in British football; by winning that trophy Aston Villa affirmed that they remained the great football club they had already been for over one hundred years.
This book contains the history of Aston Villa FC from 1874 to 2012 and includes a great deal of originally-researched new material to take the club's history up to the present day and Paul Lambert's appointment. Apart from the history narrative, the outstanding features of the book are:
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