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League Results: Seasons 1888-2019
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NEW! Select by Season: Select from the drop-down filter list which season's match records you wish to see. Your selection will also load Jörgen Bolin's PDF detailed record of that season as a new window, for you to see greater detail. However, Jörgen's PDFs are taken from a 1980s edition of the Villa "Complete Record" which is known to contain errors. There are, therefore, errors in at least some of the PDFs up to the 1980s. His PDFs of seasons since the 1980s are taken from a more accurate source.
Head-to-head: Select from the drop-down filter list which opponent you would like a head-to-head record for. Once this filter comes into view (allow two or three seconds), then you could sort according to goals scored.
When filtering opponent teams, please note:
"Arsenal" known as Woolwich Arsenal to 1913;
"Birmingham C" known as Small Heath to 1905;
"Leicester C" known as Leicester Fosse to 1915;
"Man U" includes period as Newton Heath to 1905;
"Sheffield Wednesday" officially "The Wednesday" to 1929.

Match Reports are available in the case of the most interesting and/or significant matches. It is intended to load up to 100 reports. See the 'Match Report' column and use the filter to list all games marked 'MR'. Click on 'MR' for the match required.
To sort into your required sequence, merely click on any one of the white-lettered column headings you require ('Goals For ...', for example), then wait two or three seconds for the table to be sorted and reappear.
NOTE You will need to click on either 'Goals' heading twice to get those columns into the correct descending sequence.
Aston Villa's Major Competitive History:
Click here for all FAC and FLC cup results.
Click here for all cup results in Europe.

In a new window:
Click here for a summary of the Club's Record by season.
Click here for Bolin Jakobsson's detailed record by season.


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Selected Match Reports continue to be added. The period 1888 to 1939 has been completed.
Season Match Date
Opponents Venue Goals
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