Books : The Aston Villa Chronicles (1874-1924 and after)
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In 1912, The Villa News & Record stated:
"The Villa history would fill a huge tome if properly done."


"Cheer yourselves up and buy it!" (Ian Robathan)
"I am on the last few pages of volume one of the Chronicles and I must say that on reading the 'match reports' somehow those players have been 'brought to life' in the mind's eye. No longer are they just names in a book but you can actually picture them (imagine) playing. Absolutely fascinating and also informative..." (Mike Tilt)


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A detailed history of the first 50 years of the Club has never before been produced.
A cracking read, The Chronicles (1874-1924 and after) is produced as a 2-volume set (in a slipcase) totalling 984 pages. Research for this book covered four years, 18 months of which were full-time. A total of 2,000 hours research at least, apart from the gradual acquisition of knowledge on the club acquired over 50 years.
The material used is mostly from journals, The Villa News and Record and newspapers of the time and brings to light many stories not seen for 100 years and more.
The book contains a foreword written by famed local historian and Villa supporter Professor Carl Chinn, who writes in the tail-end of his foreword:
    The task that John Lerwill set himself is one from which most historians would have blanched. He has gone through thousands of newspaper reports, programmes and other forms of evidence to let the people from the time tell the story of Aston Villa.
    That is the true measure of John's labour of love - he has brought to life the early folk of Aston Villa and rescued them from obscurity.
John is pleased to announce that a copy of The Chronicles has been presented to Prince William.
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