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An opportunity to state what you believe to be the issues that need addressing and then see which party represents your view the best.
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For some weeks, until February 20, 2015, Vote for Policies showed the results of those that had been on their site to state their policy preferences. For one month (from mid-January) I kept track of their preferences from the time when 555,000 had entered their preferences until February 20, when 575,000 had been on-line.
In one month, 20,000 had been on line and yet the % outcome for the parties altered very little
during the whole of that time.
The %s showing of the 5 leading parties at February 20 was:
GREEN party: 27.77% (highest 27.78%)
LABOUR party: 20.16% (highest 20.16%)
LIBERAL party: 16.61% (highest 16.65%)
CONSERVATIVE party: 13.86% (highest 13.89%)
UKIP party: 11.71% (highest 11.71%)

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Surely a time has come when a different perspective is needed?

The outgoing government has presided over nothing more than a misguided approach to the problem of getting ourselves financially in order - a necessary and praiseworthy target in itself.
Not only is the supposed strengthening of the economy falling off, but the government has imposed huge changes in the NHS and the educational system that have been too heavy to bear and (in certain respects) unnecessary. Without the presence of the Liberal Party to calm them down a bit, the Tories would have inflicted terrible measures had they had the chance. In fact, the government has come way short of their own targets, particularly with regard to deficit reduction.
The press has spoken out on a number of glaring issues that may indicate that 'the system' is in danger. For example:
"Homeless children 'at highest level since 2011'" reported by the BBC Nov 3, 2014.

"40% of teachers quite after one year" reported by i newspaper, Apr 1, 2015.
The matter has become more critical: the figure quoted 12 months before was
40% attrition in FIVE years!

"Campaign Against Climate Change says Britons now have to 'pay to protest' after police refuse to close roads along route" - the right to protest under threat reported by The Guardian Feb 7, 2015.

These are some of the other failures: But, if any of the 3 main parties receives a mandate in 2015, their general approach will effectively be 'no change' in attitude. Growth will still be the mantra that they see as essential: the fact of the world situation regarding climate change (and reduced soil potency) will still be seen as a side issue. Meanwhile, projects such as HS2 and another runway at Heathrow will be seen as essential developments.